Non-alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Gin & Tonic 7,50€

    4cl Seedlip grove + tonic

Non-alcoholic wines

  • Torres natureo syrah 0,0% (16cl / 37,5cl) 6,50€ / 13,00€

    Cherry red color, aroma of pomegranate, red currant and vanilla. The grapey taste is rich, soft, and balanced with delicious acidity. The slightly sweet taste emphasizes the fruitiness of the wine.

  • Torres natureo muscat 0,0% (16cl / 37,5cl) 6,50€ / 13,00€

    Pale greenish-yellow. Intensely fruity and floral aroma with notes of citrus, peach, and green apple. Fresh, lively, with vibrant acidity and an elegant taste.

  • Lehtikuohu 0,0% 8,90€ / 20cl

    Golden yellow, sweet, medium acidic, with flavors of black currant leaves, citrus, light apricot, mint, and a hint of honey.

Non-alcoholic beers

  • Guinness 0,0% 6,90€ / 0,44l

    The fully non-alcoholic version of the world's most famous stout beer. Recognizably black beer with a velvety white foam. Perfect balance of bitterness, sweetness, and roasty coffee flavors. Full-bodied and silky smooth mouthfeel. An excellent non-alcoholic alternative for lovers of dark beers.

  • Heineken 0,0% 6,20€ / 0,33l

    Refreshing and malty non-alcoholic lager beer with a hint of fruitiness in the taste.

  • Muteman premium ginger beer 6,60€ / 0,275l

    The taste has a lot of real ginger, a fermented flavor and a touch of citrus peel.

Non-alcoholic Ciders and Long Drinks

  • Happy Joe red love 0,0% 6,50€ / 0,275l

    English-style dry alcohol-free rosé apple cider. Suitable for vegans.

  • Original Long Drink 0,0% 6,50€ / 0,33l

    Refreshing alcohol-free Long Drink with a grapefruit and gin flavor.

Harald's refreshments

  • Harald's apple or raspberry lemonade 5,90€ / 0,3l

    Ahvenanmaa's Amalias Limonadfabrik lemonades are handmade from cold-pressed berry and fruit juices. The products do not contain color or flavoring agents.

  • Poikain parhaat musta jäätee 6,90€ / 0,33l

    Lightly spiced black iced tea. An iced tea brewed with Indian black teas, nuanced Nilgiri and floral Darjeeling, finished with real lemon. Does not contain industrial flavors or colors.

  • Vichy, mineral water 3,20€ / 0,33l
  • Novelle plus c+e pomegranate-blueberry 4,50€ / 0,50l
  • Soft drinks small 3,00€ / large 4,80€

    Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Jaffa, 7up

  • Fresh juice small 3,20€ / large 5,20€

    Cranberry, Apple, Orange juice

  • Milk small 2,00€ / large 3,50€

Beers, ciders and long drinks


  • Harald’s Voima beer with Honey III 4,7% 8,60€ / 0,33l

    Our own ”Viking´s Power Beer”, a pale lager with a hint of honey. This beer will give you the strength for long and challenging journeys.

  • Harald’s Beer with Smoke III 4,7% 8,60€ / 0,33l

    Our own ”Viking´s Smoke Beer” a dark lager created as a tribute to warriors of the past. Vegan.

  • Harald's Cinnamon Beer 4,5% 10,20€ / 0,50l

    A sweet, full-bodied, and heavily foaming light lager beer that gets its flavor from thick cinnamon syrup.

  • Harald's Tar Beer 5,2% 10,90€ / 0,50l

    A full-bodied and heavily foaming light beer with a sophisticated tar flavor.

  • Lapin Kulta PURE 4,5% 6,10€ / 0,31l

    A refreshing and full-bodied gluten-free lager beer made with 100% Finnish organic barley.

  • Sandels 4,7% 9,20€ / 0,5l

    Sandels is a true premium beer. It is made with only the best raw materials, and it embodies Olvi's entire expertise in the noble art of beer brewing. Vegan.

  • Sandels 5,3% 7,80€ / 0,33l

    Sandels is a true premium beer. It is made with only the best raw materials, and it embodies Olvi's entire expertise in the noble art of beer brewing. Vegan.

  • Kimito Brewing Mandarina Wheat 5,5% 9,80€ / 0,33l

    The taste is soft, slightly sweet, fruity, and lightly bitter. The orange flavor is almost pulpy, that's how refreshing it is.

  • Mallaskoski Blueberry sour 5,0% 9,90€ / 0,33l

    Mallaskoski Brewery draws inspiration for beer-making from Finnish nature.

  • Pöhjala Helge gluten free IPA 9,70€ / 0,33l

    A gluten-free IPA that is very refreshing and heavily hopped.

  • Erdinger weissbier 5,3% 10,80€ / 0,50l

    Germany: A light and high-quality unfiltered wheat beer. An excellent summer drink and a great beer for pairing with fish and light meat dishes.

  • Velkopopovicky kozel dark 3,8% 9,90€ / 0,50l

    Czech Republic: A sweet and subtly bitter dark lager whose flavor is based on a unique blend of aromatic hops and four malts.

Ciders and long drinks

  • Happy Joe Extra Dry Pear 4,7% 6,80€ / 0,275l

    Dry premium cider with a genuine pear taste that combines the fruitiness and flavor of pear with the freshness of cider.

  • Happy Joe Dry Apple 4,7% 6,80€ / 0,275l

    An English-style dry apple cider. Vegan.

  • Henry Westons Vintage Rose 5,5% 10,50€ / 0,50l

    This cider is made from the best apples in Herefordshire and has a deliciously pink apple flavor with a fresh and full-bodied taste. The beautiful pink color completes the package. Vegan.

  • Hartwall Original Long Drink 5,5% 7,20€ / 0,33l

    The original gin-grapefruit long drink.

  • Hartwall Original Long Drink - Karpalo 5,5% 7,20€ / 0,33l

    The original cranberry-flavored long drink.

  • Helsinki LD Gin Pink Grapefruit 5,5% 9,00€ / 0,33l

    Helsinki Long Drink is a premium long drink created by combining The Helsinki Distilling Company's aromatic Helsinki Dry Gin with lively pink grapefruit. The taste of Helsinki Long Drink includes both the bite of gin and the freshness of pink grapefruit, as well as bitter aromas.

Harald's Wines and sparkling wines

Red wines

  • Renacer Punto Final Malbec Organic 46,00€ / Bottle


  • McGuigan The Engineer Shiraz, Tempranillo 48,00€ / Bottle


  • Casas Patronales Selected Reserve Merlot 37,00€ / Bottle

    Chile: 85% Merlot, 15% Other

  • Emporium rosso appassimento salento IGT 47,00€ / Bottle

    Italy: Negroamaro, Primitivo

  • Baronello rossa Toscana 43,00€ / Bottle

    Italy: 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 20% Cabarnet Sauvignon

  • Borsari Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG 72,00€ / Bottle

    Italy: 70% Corvina, 20% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella

  • Condado de Oriza Roble, Tempranillo 45,00€ / Bottle


White wines

  • Floralba Pinot Grigio 32,00€ / Bottle

    Italy, dry

  • Miopasso Grillo Appassimento 43,00€ / Bottle

    Italy, semi-dry

  • Rabl Gruner Veltliner 42,00€ / Bottle

    Austria, dry

  • Petit Chablis pas si pet 56,00€ / Bottle

    France: 100% Chardonnay

  • Blue Fish dry Riesling 37,00€ / Bottle

    Germany: 100% Riesling

Sparkling wines

  • Dignitat cava brut 38,00€ / 0,75l
  • Dignitat cava semi seco 38,00€ / 0,75l
  • Tiresia Prosecco piccolo 13,00€ / 0,20l


  • Mumm Cordon Rouge 92,00€ / 0,75l
  • Gustave Rochè Champagne 35,00€ / 0,375l

    Pinot Noir 70%, Chardonnay 30%

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